Fashionable & comfortable easy to install

Fashionable & comfortable easy to install

Fashionable and beautiful

SPC lock floor adopts lock process to achieve perfect seamless.Variety of design and color, realistic and beautiful texture, rich and gorgeous color, can meet the personalized needs of different decorative styles, the finished product effect is both fashionable and beautiful.


Comfortable and safe

SPC lock floor conducts heat well, come loose even, smooth foot walks comfortable and cordial feeling on the floor, overcame the defect of ice of stone material, ceramic tile, cold, slippery, SPC lock floor is the first selection product of floor heat conduction floor, suit domestic shop to install very much, especially the family that has old person and child.


Easy to install

Lock assembly, no glue, can be quickly assembled by yourself, stable structure, easy to clean, maintenance free, not afraid of water, grease, dilute acid and other chemical corrosion.UV surface technology, so that the floor surface wear - resistant, convenient maintenance and cleaning.